These are some of the frequently asked questions and if your question is not answered here, please use the contact form:

1.How do I join up?
To join go to the sign up page and fill up the form. Select the competition you would like to join and you can always join other competitions once you have signed up. Once you have registered, an e-mail is sent for your verification. Click on the link in the e-mail or copy and paste the link into the address bar to verify and after that you can now logon to the competition and start entering your tips.

2.How do I change my personal details?
To change your details, go the to the Update Profile menu and change your personal details.

3.What happens if I forget my password?
If you have forgotten your password, use the forgot password link just below the password box and this will take you to the forgot password page, where you can enter your username and e-mail and a new password will be emailed to your email address. You can always change that password in the Manage Profile section.

4.What happens if I forget my username?
If you have forgotten your username, click on username on the forgot password page, and this will take you to the forgot username where you will asked to enter the e-mail used to register on this site and your username will be send to you.

5.What happens if I forget both my username and password?
If you have forgotten both your username and password, all you need is the e-mail address you used to register on this site and then follow step 4 above to get your username and when you have got the username from the e-mail then use step 3 above to reset your password.

6.What happens when I forget to submit my tips?
When you forget to enter your tips, you get a default score of nil all.

7.Will I get three points if I forget to enter my tips and the result finishes 0-0?
Yes, you get three points and if say the match finished 1-1, you get 1 point.

8.When should I have my tips in?
Your tips must be in before kick-off of every match. After that tips cannot be entered for that match. The submit button must be clicked before the published kick-off time for the tips to be valid. Tips are closed per match and not per round and so if other matches have already been played in a round you can still enter your predictions for the remaining matches in that round.

9. How are player standings organised?
The player standings for both the main league and the personal leagues are based on the number of points accumulated. If the points are tied up then the goal difference will be used and lastly the alphabetical order will be used based on the player's last name.

10.Do I have to register every year or every season?
No, you don't have to register every season. You only register once and you can then play the following season and any other competitions that may be conducted from time to time.
However, if its half way through a new season and you haven't entered your tips, your membership may be cancelled.

11.How far can I enter tips in advance?
You can enter tips as far as you would like and this can be handy if you are going away and you wont be able to enter your tips. You can also change your tips as many times as you would like as long as the match hasn't kicked-off.

12. How do I join other competitions?
To join other tipping competitions running on TipsChallenge, select the Manage Competitions menu and you will be given the list of competitions that you have joined and the ones you could join. In the section 'Other available competitions', simply select the competition you would like to join and click Join. In the next step you can enter your favourite team in that competition and you can also choose to make it the default competition so that when you log in you go straight to that competition. Please note that the 'Other available competitions' section only appears if there are currently other competitions to join.

13 How do I change from one tipping competition to another?
The easiest way to change to another competition is to use the mini-menu on the right below the main right menu. Just select the competition from the list and click the 'Switch to' button.

Alternatively, select the Switch Competitions menu and then select the competition you would like to change to from the given list. Click the 'Switch To' button and you will be taken straight to the other competition. The available menus on the right may differ from one competition to another.

14.Can I run my own competition?
You can run your own competition by setting up either a personal league or a private league. When you sign up a personal league is automatically created for you but with you only as a player and all you have to do is to add players to it.

15.What is the difference between a personal and a private league?
A personal league is automatically set up for you when you register and you can only add players to it yourself by entering the usernames or email addresses and only yourself can see the personal league ladder.
With the private league you have to create one and you get a private league code and you have to invite players to join your league by giving them the league code. New members can automatically join a private league by entering the code on the registration form. Unlike a personal league, everyone in the private league gets to see the league ladder as it is added to their menus.

16.How do I join a private league?
To join a private league when you have the league code, select the Manage Private League menu and in the Join League section enter the league code for the league you would like to join. The league will be added to your menu in the League section.

If you are a new user and you have a league code, you can enter it on the registration page.

17.How many people can I have in my private league?
You can have as many players as you wish in your private league and you can also join as many private leagues as you wish as long as you have the private league code. The league administrator can communicate with all the players in the private league. When the name of the private league is changed, every player is automatically informed.

18.Can I make my private league 'public'?
You can make your private league 'public' so that anybody who wants to join can join. However, you can also make restrictions as to who can join your private league based on the team they support or the timezone they live in or both.

19.Can I have a forum for my private league?
When you set up your private league you can elect to have a forum linked to it which only members of your league can participate. Non-members of your league cannot join this forum or view the posts.

20. What happens if private league name is changed?
When the administrator of a private league decides to change the league name, all participants in that league are notified through the internal mail system.

21.Can I switch off some features that I don't use?
By default you get all the features available to the competition but you can switch them off by updating your profile. Go to your profile and switch off the features that you do not need. You can always come back and switch them back on should you need them again in future.

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